About us

Vilkpede Hospital provides supportive treatment and nursing inpatient services, as well as palliative care inpatient services for adults.

Supportive treatment and nursing services are provided to people of all ages with chronic illnesses, disability when the diagnosis of the disease is clear and there is no need for active treatment and medical rehabilitation. Duration of supportive treatment and nursing services is no longer than 120 days per calendar year (compensated from the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund).

Palliative care measures aim to improve the quality of life of a patient with progressive disease that has reached the stage of being incompatible with life, to relieve physical and psychological suffering, and help to solve other psychological and spiritual problems. Duration of palliative care services is not limited.

The admission to Vilkpede Hospital is possible with the referral issued by a family practitioner or a specialist.

Supportive treatment and nursing services and palliative care services are provided to the people insured by compulsory health insurance.

Who are the insured? You can find information by clicking on the below link: http://www.vlk.lt/sites/en/health-insurance-in-Lithuania/who-are-the-insured

The individuals not covered by the compulsory health insurance are required to pay for health care services themselves.